OH Late Nights How I love Thee

So, its been a long time no…write? Yeah, lets go with that haha but its been quite some time since my last blog and i do apologize for that but the show must go on. And yes I do have a topic of discussion tonight so this won’t just be me rambling…hopefully (that’s probably what’s gonna happen, who am I kidding). But late nights are my favorite time of the day…night…you know what I mean and I have a crazy insomniac problem where i typically stay up until around 5 am or so each night. So i guess that makes me nocturnal like an owl of sorts. Now that you know that I don’t sleep at night it’s time to explain why this is my favorite time of the night. So my nights typically start around 10 or 11 pm when my girlfriend goes to bed (shoutout to my awesome girlfriend by the way) and that’s when my youtube/twitter/facebook/instagram addictions all kick into high gear and I somehow or another end up checking all the social media apps until i get tired of seeing all the dumbass quotes on facebook and twitter then quickly move on to instagram. I look at a couple pictures and quickly realize I only follow like 50 people (if that) and the pictures are the same as they were hours ago haha so that is a short journey on instagram then its back to youtube where i do watch hours and hours of videos from tv shows to music tutorials. this is until I get hungry and have those late night (more like 2am munchies) where I go into the kitchen all quiet, making sure not to wake anyone up. I search the pantry and usually come out with cereal (fruit loops if you must know) and grab some water and get back to the computer. But I think i forgot to mention why this is fun to me haha (told you, rambling always gets the better of me) but this has always been fun to me because I love to be alone and doing my own thing on my own time and during the regular day you have to do all these things for people or go pick someone up from this place or that place and night time is just the time where everyone winds down and relaxes. Those are two of my favorite things, damn I sound like a middle-aged woman. But thats my story and Im sticking to it! This may not sound fun to you (which was the point of writing this so i guess this mission was not a success) but hopefully you did get a laugh or two out of it and maybe you can somewhat relate to it (who am I kidding I highly doubt anyone else does this besides me). And on that note this story is over but I will be back sooner than later for sure and i do plan on posting much more frequently they may be shorter posts and some may be longer but from now on I will post daily here. (I know I’ve said that before but I mean it this time) I love you all and thank you for reading. 


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